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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Apple will no longer sign iOS 10.3.2

Thanks to events that the big bite apple performs, we have the privilege of witnessing what they are going to launch or are planning to bring to light soon, a clear example of these conferences is WWDC 2017 , the meeting of Apple followers and their Developers, workers and others to put forward their future ideas and leave us in awe. One of the big players in the event mentioned above is without a doubt the software section , but more specifically the operating system that will have the iPhone and iPad coming soon, iOS 11.

We'll miss you iOS 10.3.2

IOS 10.3.2 release
Several months ago since these new features were presented to us, enough time has passed for this software to go from being in the beta phase only for developers to be in public beta, that is to say, within reach of the whole world. For now the arrival has not been as welcome as the ones in Cupertino believed, this is largely because they have completely removed some features that were really useful in iOS 10 . We also have to keep in mind that this operating system for mobile devices is still in the test phase so nothing is definitive and everything can change from here to its departure in September.
You can or you can use this software if you have one of the Apple products compatible with it . Leaving aside iOS 11, today we come to talk more deeply about its previous version, iOS 10. The predecessor of the current operating system of iPhone and iPad has been one of the most successful thanks to its so simple way of putting the important things to our Reach in the most comfortable and simple way facilitating us many tasks within our routine.
Unfortunately we have news for iOS 10 lovers and even more if you are a user, but rather, from iOS 10.3.2. Apple said just a few hours ago that it will stop signing this version of the operating system in question , ie you will not be able to return to this state if you have updated to some software after this one. The big reason the apple has made this decision is because it's been 3 weeks since the release of iOS 10.3.3 , which is almost identical and even better in many ways.

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