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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Apple wins an award for its research on artificial intelligence

Apple has just won a  "Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Award" , one of the most important awards and recognitions in the field of artificial intelligence and  machine learning .

The Apple Artificial Intelligence article is the winner of the " CVPR 2017 Best Paper Award"

Getting a prize like this is quite an achievement , even for companies of the caliber of Apple. That is why we consider talking about it today.
Logo of the conference "Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition"
Logo of the conference "Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition"
Apple introduced and was accepted in July an article titled "Learning from Simulated and Unsupervised Images through Adversarial Training" . In it, Apple engineers in artificial intelligence report their latest research in the field of advanced image recognition and artificial intelligence training with real and simulated images. Thus, Cupertino engineers relate their experiments and the advantages and disadvantages of using real versus digital images to train AI ( Artificial Intelligence ). In this way, they conclude in the article itself that the best method is to combine the actual images with the synthetic ones, in order to obtain the best result.
This document was written by Ashish Shrivastava, Tomas Pfister, Oncel Tuzel, Joshua Susskind, Wenda Wang and Russell Webb, part of the artificial intelligence team of the Big Apple Company in December 2016 . This is part of the plan that Apple presented us in that same month to share all the progress they are making in this area. These breakthroughs are shared in the form of articles or documents , but are also shared through the  Apple Machine Learning Journal , a blog about artificial intelligence and machine learning .Apple's blog of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Apple's blog of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


As you can see, Apple is willing to share its achievements in the field of artificial intelligence , and this effort has been rewarded in the form of a prize of great recognition. But it's not only good for Apple to share its research for the awards, but for other people or companies to take their work and propose improvements.
That's why I think Apple is doing well by sharing the results of its research, but I think the company still has a lot to improve and share. Although a totally open Apple is very difficult to imagine given the eternal secrecy surrounding the company, and that is certainly a very important and differentiating factor of the company.
What do you think? Do you think Apple should share more information about your research or should you keep it for them? How do you think the rest of the companies should act? Is artificial intelligence good ?

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