Monday, August 7, 2017

Charging your iPhone overnight is not harmful

It is very common among phone users to put our iPhone to charge just when we go to bed. The reason is very simple, when we get up we will have enough to face a day that, under certain circumstances, can make us return home late .
We have very assumed that this custom is bad, and even dangerous. Many people think that in this way, giving more weight to the iPhone than it should, this will accumulate energy exponentially and will end up exploding or something like that. Nothing further from the reality, a telephone, under normal circumstances, does not explode by "overload" .
When the iPhone is charging and reaches the beautiful figure of 100% of its capacity, it stops receiving load, ie "short" the supply to avoid precisely that, an overload. That yes, it is advisable to follow a series of recommendations . Lithium-ion batteries can react poorly if charged while it is very hot. It is interesting that if the temperature is high and you must charge the iPhone, at least remove the case so that the battery life is not affected .
However, it is very important that you follow these tips so you can extend the life of the iPhone battery, since they are not replaceable , at least in a simple way.
  • Use quality cables and chargers. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on the originals, you find many of them certified by Apple at cheap prices. Run like the plague of those who sell in a Chinese bazaar, the cheap is very expensive .
  • Do not exhaust the battery. The best charge threshold for keeping ions moving is between 50 and 80%, so it is better to charge more times than to do less and longer charges.
  • Remove the cover, if possible, while charging, especially if there are high temperatures.
With these steps you will be able to prolong its useful life and of passage, to sleep with tranquility in the nights .
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