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Monday, August 7, 2017

"Copper Gold" is the new color option that is presumed for the iPhone 8

A few weeks to know the successor to the iPhone 7, there are more rumors about the news that will bring us this equipment in both hardware and software. The last leak that has become known in this regard, corresponds to a new color option that will count the iPhone 8.
As it was known through a filtration of an Asian medium , the iPhone 8 with OLED screen could arrive in the tone Copper Gold or golden copper.

Possible colors for the iPhone 8

With regard to this new tone and as you can see in the images, it is a tone between orange and gold, which give it the copper tonality to which its name refers. Although no doubt, more evidence is needed to give this option as safe, it is not surprising that Apple wants to present its flagship in a new tonality; Given past experiences the unusual tones - remember the editions in gold and gold - have always been a success in sales for the Cupertino.
IPhone gold copper
A few months ago it was the specialist in Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI that the iPhone OLED would be sold in less colors than the current models of iPhone, but did not specify exactly which variants would be offered. While more recently, rumored about the existence of iPhone 8 with mirror finish and about the possibility that the device was not sold in white.
Personally, I am inclined to think that with the arrival of this expected iPhone, which is expected to a significant redesign, compared to the 2016 model, Apple will seek to enthuse us with every detail and therefore, one or a few alternatives of new colors could be One of the letters with which from Cupertino will play everything to satisfy us.

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