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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Discover Arena of value: the LoL arrives on your iPhone

The company Tencent Games has landed in the European territory with a new game for mobile devices. It is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) with a very similar to League of Legends themed, with which we can play wherever you go, thanks to its last landing in the world of mobile devices.
Without a doubt, the goal of this fantastic game is to attract fans of the MOBA category. And not for less, since the Arena of Valor presents excellent graphics and different game modes . Among them we find: five against five, three against three, exclusive modes, battles against bots, as well as an interesting possibility to play our own custom battles.

Arena of Valor, the best MOBA game for your iPhone

Other highlights of Arena of Valor are the different classifications to which the player can aspire: bronze, gold, master ... Something very characteristic of multiplayer online games, and that will certainly encourage competitiveness to rub against addiction. And is that, despite being a game for mobile platforms, the immersion offered by Arena of Valor is incredibly fantastic , keeping up with what it promises: probably the best MOBA of the moment . Playability and mobility are put at our service in very comfortable games of 15 minutes , so it is very attractive to play on the way to work or any little rest time.
Battle-02 (1)
As the only weak point of Arena of Valor, we could comment on the subject of controls, which could be somewhat disconcerting at first. Being in front of a touch screen it is somewhat expensive to adapt well to the different buttons when handling our character and attack, especially if, like us, you test it on the iPhone SE, the smallest model of the iPhone family. Even so, once you get used to it, we guarantee you that it will be the most comfortable to play: after exceeding the initial learning curve, the rest is very easy and intuitive to use . Needless to say much more, the purpose as a player is very clear: win games and raise rank. Bearing in mind, yes, we will not play with top-level players at the beginning, so the degree of learning and progress will be progressive.
As we mentioned before we are facing a revolution in the field of MOBA games . And is that Arena of Valor has been able to adapt to the mobile world like no other had achieved to date. It is almost as if we were in front of a computer, since we will have the possibility to invite our friends to join through alliances . In addition, thanks to your internal chat we can communicate and create strategies of attack with great comfort. However, the people of Tencent is the same as Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, because this already sounds very good?
If you want to know more details about the game , you can have a look at his Facebook page . By the way, if you use this exclusive code you can get extra items, which will help you level up: BUTZFDZEAMUK
To play!
Arena of Valor: Arena 5v5

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