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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Disney will leave Netflix to launch its own streaming service

Thanks to the advance of the technologies of streaming and the access to high-speed networks, we have seen how the market has been filled with different options when consuming multimedia content . Thus, music, series, movies or TV shows come to us through different services, and it seems Disney wants to be one of those alternatives.
Some of the Disney characters
Some of the Disney Characters

Disney does not want to be left out of streaming services

Apple has long worked to create its own content, although it already had music videos or exclusive concerts through its iTunes platform , the arrival of Planet of the Apps opened the doors and while Carpool Karaoke already has its first episode available .
Disney for its part is currently available on Netflix , although it wants to create its own platform to offer users all their content in one place and exclusively. 
Last year I made a $ 1 billion investment in acquiring 33% of BAMTech , a company specializing in streaming technology, and recently acquired another part of the company making up 42% of it .
Disney Important Franchises
Star Wars and Marvel, Disney's Major Franchises
Through this move, Disney , which has an account with popular franchises like Star Wars , Marvel and owns the ABC and ESPN media , will try to improve its services and create its own platform. 
That is why he has ended his agreement with Netflix, although according to ensure the content currently available on the platform, will remain. The expected date of departure is 2019 .

Streaming services, is there room for everyone?

Netflix may be one of the most popular services, but along with it are Amazon Prime Video , HBO GO , Hulu , Wuaki.tv along with various alternatives offered by cable and satellite TV and telephone companies . 
Thus, each service has its exclusive contents, which means that we must be subscribed to multiple services if we want to enjoy all that content.
The problem, besides the money that each subscription costs, is that all that content is distributed on multiple platforms , having to access them using different applications. 
Apple, with the launch of its TV app for its Apple TV tried to group the content in a single site. Although currently only works in the United States and for only some services. 
We will see how these services evolve and if at any moment there is a site that groups all of them and the search for content is easier.

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