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Monday, August 7, 2017

Do you want more free apps? Here you are!

The truth is, that today we do not run short of free applications. If you wanted to renew your list of downloads, today you can do it without any problems with all the offers that we have been teaching. But the thing does not end there, we have even more opportunities for you , ready to be downloaded on your iPhone or iPad, and some, even on your iPod Touch.


If you are urban souls, surely you will come great this app. With QuickPark, you can save the position of your car every time you park it. In addition, you can also record the time limit of parking to avoid having to deal with annoying fines.

Happy Hypnosis

This app is perfect for those who, mentally, are not going through their prime. Happy Hypnosis brings you a series of perfect lessons to improve your mental health with simple exercises that everyone can do at home. And we have to remember that the only ones responsible for our health are us.


Summer is one of those times when spending soars. With the holidays, we have the luxury of getting away from our average expenses, so MoneyCoach is designed to help you get back into the routine and control your accounts without too much complication . Surely in September, we appreciate the extra help that this app can offer us.

Fireworks Tap

Do you have a small child in your charge and you are not clear how to entertain him at certain times? Then, it is possible that Fireworks Tap is the solution to your problems. This is a simple app that simply creates special effects simulating fireworks with every touch on the screen. Children will be stunned by discovering all the types they have.

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