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Monday, August 7, 2017

Do you want to know if your email account has been the victim of a hack? We teach you how to find out

Hacking, word that defines the action to enter abruptly and without permission to a computer system or to a network. In short, it is an action that is often done with bad intentions. Whether to access your personal data or confidential content within your system.
You can be a victim of these "thefts" from the moment you create your email account. In this post we will show you an interesting website with which to know if your account has been the victim of some hacker.

Discover, and avoid, a possible hacking in your account

Sometimes we witness news that reveals that a multitude of mail accounts have been targeted by Internet pirates . Surely on more than one occasion you have wondered if your account would be safe and if it has been hacked without you knowing it.
First of all, to say that although we will never be 100% sure, we can have the guarantee that the big companies work every day in order to continue improving security. For this reason, services like Gmail, Outlook (formerly Hotmail) or Yahoo Mail usually have good measures to foresee a hack and it forces you to take certain measures to improve the security in your account.
However, if you have the doubt, we have you have , a website that offers you an excellent free service to know if your account has been hacked , and also a quick and simple. hacking?
Main screen of, web to find out if you have been victim of a hack
The website is in English, but do not worry if you do not handle Shakespeare's language because you really do not need to drive through it.
Once you enter the website you will see a box that says "email address or username", it is in this box where you must put your email account . Once you have typed the name of your account you will have to click on the button that appears to the right of that box, in which it puts "pwned?".
If you are lucky you will get a green signal that tells you that your account has never been the victim of a hack . It will text you "Good news- no pwnage found!".
However, if your account has been used by third parties without your consent you will see a red box in which you will detail those incidents. The greatness of this service is that they tell you important information about the hacking of your account , as well as the date in which it occurred.
What should I do if my account has been hacked? You should change the password if you have not done so before. In my particular case I have lived the two situations with my two email accounts. With one of them I knew that I had never been a victim of evildoers, but with the other I discovered that it had been hacked in October 2013. In my case I had changed the password a few times after that date, but as I did not know if I had reused that password I decided to change it again. And this is important:  do not reuse the password for the same account, and if possible, for no other account.
In addition, it is also highly recommended to use the two-step verification offered by most email services. This will make it more difficult to access your account, having to pass through two security filters in addition to the traditional password.
Such information revealing can be sent to your mail if you wish , as well as you can be notified if at any time your account is hacked. The web also asks for donations to continue developing its system, but that is a donation, so it is optional and you can continue to use its services for free as often as you want.
From Apple 5 × 1 we hope that your account has not been hacked, and if so we hope to have helped you to find out with this post so that it will never happen again.

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