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Monday, August 28, 2017

Donations for Hurricane Harvey victims are now open on iTunes

As the Californian firm usually does in the face of large-scale environmental disasters, Cupertino's people open a way through iTunes so that citizens can contribute donations to those affected by these devastations.
This time, it's about Hurricane Harvey , a grade 4 storm that affected much of Texas. To date, there are three deaths that have hit and more than 1000 people evicted because of the flood.

Apple shows its solidarity face once again

The storm is expected to continue to affect over the next 4 or 5 days , as the different authorities and media in the country have estimated.
Once again, Apple shows its solidarity with this type of environmental devastation . Recall that the signature of Cupertino has opened its donations on many occasions. For example in the earthquakes of Japan or Ecuador, those of the block opened the aid in collaboration with the American Red Cross.
hurricane harvey
On the other hand, in the refugee crisis that hit much of the Mediterranean, Apple again showed its face of solidarity. And is that actions like these, are what make Apple a unique and unequaled company.
From my point of view, humanity and solidarity are two aspects that have accompanied Apple since its inception . Demonstrating a very simple and effective way to help those who need it most. That is why actions such as those exercised by Apple should be carried out by other companies, not only the technological world, but also any other sector as influential as technology.
Undoubtedly, corporations such as those in Cupertino are the ones that can help the most, since on most occasions humanitarian associations are not strong enough to be able to help and cope autonomously.

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