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Friday, August 25, 2017

Download the latest and greatest apps from the App Store

As in each week, from NewCydiaTweaks we bring you a collection of applications, games and tools with which you can make your day to day something a little more entertaining. In this list only the top applications of the week enter , so be aware that you could fall in love with more than one.
All have a link to the App Store so you do not waste your time searching the store. Yes, that's how considered we are. Without further ado, here we leave you the 5 best new apps of the week .

iTranslate Converse - Translate in real time

Did you just mysteriously wake up in a hotel in Rome and have no idea of Italian? Do not worry - not too much, at least - with iTranslate Converse you will be able to translate any conversations you are having in real time , and it has support for up to 38 languages.
You know, in the 21st century the language is no longer a barrier , and thanks to applications like these you can communicate almost naturally with your environment, even if you have no idea what language they are talking about.

Hypno Cam

Uploading videos to social networks is a lot of fun to do, but sometimes recording always in the same format can get boring to those who see them. With Hypno Cam you can change this thanks to the fun effects that the application offers us.
Stop uploading those boring stories to Instagram and use Hypno Cam to give them a different twist .

Calcugators - Addition

If you have children, nephews or very young cousins, you will know how difficult it is to make them feel attracted to mathematics. However, with this app this problem could have a fairly straightforward solution .
Calcugators is a fun game in which your little ones will be able to enter the immense world of the mathematics without necessity of dramas. Download it now!

MealPrepPro - Healthy Meal Plans

Sure you're the one who's in the gym and they're still eating whatever's on their faces. We all know that feeding is one of the most important parts of achieving our goal in every training, and what better than MealPrepPro to create our own healthy recipes - yes, as the influencers call it.
If you want to cook healthy food to maintain a balanced diet, this app is all you need .

Bumpers - Record, Edit and Listen

The world of podcasts is one of the most curious and unexplored of the internet, however, with Bumpers you can create your own without too many problems. In addition, you can also edit and listen to them from the same app.
Bumpers also allow you to share them so that all your friends and family can hear them. What are you waiting for!
This is all for today, but watch out, that next week we will bring you many more applications so you can fill the memory of your iPhone and iPad.

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