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Friday, August 25, 2017

Download these apps for free only today August 25

A new day dawns surrounded by the summer heat, the fans and the fervent wishes of owning a private swimming pool. But, good friends, we can not grant you this kind of wishes. We would not bother with the bill. What we can is bring you the free applications of today 25th of August .
What better to cope with the lurking heat than finding a new app for our iPhone that we did not even know we needed? We do not go around with more detours, we do not want you to melt the ice cream - we know it's a mess -. Get comfortable and enjoy.


You need to catch your brain with a new task that makes you forget the heat: this game will immerse your eyes, ears and mind in its beautiful design. You must change gravity and minimize each puzzle where there are no blocks. Break your mind into 140 levels !

Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze

The graphic novel features two episodes of an epic and mysterious murder, you will be the honorable Miss Phryne Fisher: glamorous and elegant detective. The design aims to capture the essence of a television program and places you in the 1920s.

Super Space X

In this space environment game , you control the Intruder 53X spacecraft, dodge meteorites, laser beams and plasma to move to the next level and beat your own record. Scenarios are designed to give you the best of you at all times.

Bone Ninja

This tool is in charge of helping the surgeons to analyze the deformities of the bones. It is developed by two orthopedic surgeons specialized in the correction of limb deformities.

Secret diary with password

This application pretends to be the best place in which you keep all your secrets , a personal diary that allows you to protect from the curious eyes all your thoughts, feelings and memories.

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