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Friday, August 11, 2017

Emergency Services Ask Apple for Lifetime Location Service

We live in an era in which technology advances at a speed of vertigo , over the last decades we have been able to make use of it to take advantage of many things, a clear example of this can be the way of working of many companies , Brands or just publishers. We are all clear that the progress is increasingly impressive because 15 or 20 years ago we would not have imagined or what we have in our hand today, we also know that Apple has a great deal of fault in most things That facilitate the routine in our day to day.

Apple could save more lives

Steps to disable frequent locations on your iPhone
We have been able to see both Tim Cook and the rest of the Cupertino company intervene in numerous proposals or pacts to help humanity itself, a clear case of this may be the Paris pact on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. Which was rejected by Donald Trump, the current president of the United States and therefore the CEO of the block does not get along very well with the resident of the white house , but the fact is that they have also been present even in parades which support the Homosexuality, Cook's last public appearance was in 2014, although this year they have sold bracelets for users of Apple Watch with the colors so representative of the day of pride.
It seems that our apple is generous lately as the emergency services are asking them to implement a new tracking service on their iPhone terminals that works even if the phone in question is turned off , which is quite similar to what they have against theft and Other possible mistakes, but in this case with the function of notifying the emergency numbers corresponding to the country in which the smartphone is located.
This may be the right time to add this type of technology to the next iPhone , the iPhone 8 which will be the most expensive mobile phone in history exceeding the thousand dollars of exit price. It could also be the push that Apple lacks to become the first company to have a value of a million million, that is, a trillion dollars.

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