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Monday, August 21, 2017

EverythingApplePro shows a device capable of breaking the iPhone unlock code

A few hours ago surfing the web I found an article of our friends of iSenaCode  in which they spoke of a recent video of the well-known  EverythingApplePro . A user who has been uploading videos related to Apple to his YouTube channel for many years and has more than 4 million subscribers.
In that video shows a device capable of connecting to our iPhone in order to circumvent the code to unlock it. I leave you then and then comment:

It is increasingly difficult to break the iPhone unlock code

If you have watched the video that left lines above, you will have seen how it speaks of a device (not economic, about $ 500) able to connect to our iPhone and be able to unlock the code 4-digit unlock with "relative" ease . And relative commas since it is quite limited and is not functional in the new version of iOS 11 because Apple has already corrected that security hole that allowed it.
IOS 11 on iPad and iPhone
IOS 11 will arrive in September to our iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
In the case of having a 6-digit unlock code this tool manages to get it out but with enough effort and patience.
The operation of the tool is quite simple in the background. This takes advantage of iOS 10 eliminated the number of attempts you had to put your unlock code correctly before it will block the device for a few minutes if not put it correctly

Our advice is that until we have iOS 11 among us officially, which we hope will be in just one month, put an alphanumeric or 6-digit unlock code to prevent this kind of techniques that are, after all, used For many frauds to sell previously stolen devices.

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