Monday, August 7, 2017

Face ID could work even when the iPhone 8 is on a table, or lock the terminal when there is more than one face nearby

The beta version of iOS 11.0.2 published by mistake by Apple continues to be an endless source of details about the iPhone 8, or iPhone Pro, that new machine that Apple could present next month with the usual update that could arrive with The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.
A few days ago we saw how in several system configuration files reference is made to an API called Pearl ID , which could be part of the Face ID system , which is possibly as commercially called the facial recognition system that Apple could announce soon. Today, more researches of those same files show us references like AXRestingPearlUnlock or that could indicate that the iPhone 8 could be able to unlock even if placed on a table without having it directly in front of the face Of the user.
One of the concerns with the face recognition system is that it is usually difficult to function well if there is poor lighting and the subject to recognize is not in front of the terminal. Also, it is usually quite slow. If Apple decides to replace Touch ID with Face ID, it is clear that the system has to be better than fingerprint recognition. The problem of light is solved with infrared light emitters, invisible to the human eye but that would allow the system to see which faces are nearby. The problem of being ahead, it costs a lot more to imagine ... for example when you pay with Apple Pay, it would not be comfortable having to put your face in front of the screen to authorize the payment. For that reason, whatever it may be,
The reference that has been found in iOS 11 now seems to be that it speaks of resting , that is, resting , which is also the verb that is used in English to say that the terminal is for example on top of a table.
More references to Pearl ID in iOS 11.0.2
In iOS 11.0.2 beta references have also been found to the use of Pearl ID by third-party Apps, as it is today with Touch ID, used for example by PayPal and many other Apps from banks. There is also a reference called PEARL_AUTOLOCK that could indicate a functionality to block the iPhone if there are more than one face and not just the registered user, something that would help a lot more security layer, probably configurable from the App Settings.
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