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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Facebook does not end up convincing the younger ones

Giving likes, commenting pictures of friends and family is a habit that most young women enjoy on social networks, but not on Facebook. According to information from a study conducted by eMarketer, the group of users between 12 and 24 years, has decreased in recent years, both those who have stopped using the platform and those that no longer add to The new records.
Of course, if the young people are not on Facebook they are on other platforms and these are Instagram and Snapchat; Fortunately, Facebook also had the nerve to buy the first of these.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

This would be the second consecutive year that Facebook lives the same reality. According to a calculation based on the US user population, in 2016 the decrease of the youngest was 1.2%, while in 2017 it is estimated that 3.4% of users between 12 and 24 years will leave the network Social.
The data obtained by eMarketer reflects the taste of the youngest users, who according to the numbers, feel inclined towards the immediacy and the clearly visual aspect that dominates in these two networks, generating a quick and spontaneous interaction, not only in permanent content, But in those ephemeral ones; As they were brought to Snapchat's success and later imitated by Instagram.
Oscar Orozco, an eMarketer source notes:
Both platforms (Instagram and Snapchat) have found success in this demographic because they are more inclined to communicate visually ... young people who stay on Facebook tend to participate less, log less and spend less time on the platform.
So, the style of Facebook no longer appeals to young people, who prefer to share in their applications from the mobile, thought to make photographs and videos immediately and with the attractive possibility of improving them with a good choice of filters, pegantinas And text.

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