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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Facial recognition of the iPhone 8 can be used to pay securely

All of us who have been or are users of Apple products know the effort and dedication that the workers of this brand invest to improve our security and decrease the risk of being exposed on the internet. The truth is that a brand like that is the apple should meet these expectations more, but it seems that they do not have the same privacy outside that within the company since even without showing anything or almost nothing iPhone 8 we know almost exactly As it is thanks to patents and other documents leaked by third parties.

Security increases at Apple

Tim Cook and his team already said in their day that they are working with former agency workers like the CIA or the FBI to stop the feet of these individuals who are dedicated to making viral data and secret reports from Apple. Returning to the iPhone 8, the next phone that will beat not only quality records but also price as it will be the most expensive smartphone in history overcoming this way the $ 1,000, will have news never seen before on mobile throughout history , One of these unique characteristics may be facial recognition.
When the patent was revealed that they were going to use a system whose function was to identify the features of our face began speculation and others, many said it was true and others that Apple was teasing us, but in the end it seems that everything is over Being true and the next terminal of the block will have it integrated . We have also been able to see recently that Apple Pay is seeing a considerable improvement as a large number of banks across the world is starting to support this secure payment system.
Apple Pay is already official in Spain
If you thought that you buy online or securely, Apple brings you a new way of seeing this kind of thing as they have put together the system of facial recognition and payments, that is, you can select an option so that only Can make a payment or manage a bank transfer from your mobile with a key something particular: your face . This is a really brilliant way for the Cupertino company to add some extra safety, which never hurts, to their products.

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