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Monday, August 21, 2017

Filter photos of iPhone 8 components that confirm their design

As the date of Apple's 'keynote' approaches the iPhone's tenth anniversary, rumors and leaks about the device are expected to rise. The last leak you can see on the popular page Weibo , where we show various parts and components of the iPhone 8 such as OLED screen and terminal circuits.

Rumors about the iPhone 8 are taking shape

If anything we know about the device that the Cupertino will present next month is that almost fixed will have an OLED screen, and it is precisely in this leak that we come to talk you see this type of component. Here we show you in an image:
These two images, leaked out in Slashleaks, show us an almost seamless OLED screen for the iPhone 8.
These two images, filtered in Weibo, show us an OLED screen almost without frames for iPhone 8. (Source: Weibo)
As you can see, the screen would confirm the absence of frames that have been discussed so far, with a space at the top reserved for the dual front camera and the infrared sensor with 3D depth detection that will be used for Unlocking the iPhone 8 through face recognition and who knows if to give greater prominence to the augmented reality.
Benjamin Geskin himself has echoed in his Twitter account of these leaks and shows us several of the photographs that have been uploaded to Weibo, in which you can also see other components as flexible printed circuit boards:

The iPhone for the tenth anniversary, just around the corner

If Apple follows its own patterns, it is more than likely that the date of the 'keynote' and therefore the presentation of the three iPhone that has us reserved is the 6th of September. At the moment, the only thing we know (although as we always say is not 100% reliable information since Apple has never shown us this device nor any of its components) is what we are told rumors like the one we are analyzing today at Apple 5 × 1. Having said that, we would like to make a brief compilation of the most famous features in the world of rumors about the iPhone 8:

  • It will be a phone almost without bevels, thus giving a bigger size to the OLED screen.
  • It will be slightly larger than its predecessor: 5.8 inches.
  • It will have, predictably, with inductive load.
  • The absence of the Touch ID could leave us a terminal with Face ID or unlock by facial recognition.
  • In the event that the iPhone 8 finally includes Touch ID, it could be integrated into the screen. This is one of the big unknowns about one of the most anticipated handsets of the year, and while some talk about it being included on the screen, other rumors point to that it might come built into the back of the iPhone. There is even some joke circulating around the network about the location of the Home button.

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