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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Final Fantasy XV will hit iOS in the fall

We have already seen on some occasion that in the history of Apple, which has always been full of success without a doubt, have had a disadvantage compared to the hardware market, so there have been many developers and large firms Video games that have not wanted to implement their software in the Mac operating systems and others with the reason that they would not cover the expenses invested.

Apple opening to video games

IPhone with car set
This month we have already seen how a great icon in the world of video games, StarCraft, has been remastered in 4K for macOS , something incredible and that no doubt has left more than one wondering why it has not bought one of the new IMac. Today we have a not so good news, but clearly it will also cheer many Apple users: Final Fantasy XV will arrive at iOS in the fall of this year.
That's right, one of the most beloved games on the part of the gamer community comes to the operating system of the iPhone and iPad. Final Fantasy has been undoubtedly one of the biggest franchises for the entertainment world in recent decades and it is a rather important impact that developers decide to include a pocket version for iOS.
The good news is that the story and other features of this game will be identical to the ones you have on the big platforms like XBOX One or PlayStation 4 , but obviously with inferior graphics and the gameplay or handling of it. It is undoubtedly a commercial movement to launch a game of this caliber to worlds where you can play with your fingers, that is, tactile.
The truth is that since Apple this year brought to light the new computers, both iMac and MacBook were making it clear by the way that the apple wanted to leave. It seems that the Cupertino company is looking for a more gamer environment , and they are sincerely on the right track as their new products have Intel seventh generation processors that would make many of the high-end contests look ridiculous.
Iphone games
It is really beneficial for the consumer that two brands as big and well-known as Apple and Square Enix are united , a clear example of this is this new game adapted to a platform as particular as it is a mobile for a video game of this level. We hope to see many more things from both companies in the future.

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