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Monday, August 14, 2017

Find out how much Google pays Apple to be the default iOS engine

Being the first has its price. This is demonstrated by the information disclosed by the financial company Bernstein, according to which Google pays $ 3000 million a year to Apple, as the first search engine option of iOS devices.
According to the latest statistics, released in 2014, it was recorded that the agreement to maintain the default position, between Google and Apple, was valued at 1 trillion dollars.

Google pays $ 3 billion to be the default iOS engine

Although none of the companies have made an accurate reference to the amount that Google pays Apple for every visit that iPhone and iPad users make to their search engine, Bernstein estimates that it is 34% of these profits. As the report also states, this percentage would represent 5% of Apple's operating profit this year.
These numbers are even more attractive when Apple's entry into the service division is taken into account. It is commonly believed that these are derived only from sales in the App Store or subscriptions in Apple Music, but the truth is that Google also brings a significant number to this 13% of profits that the Cupertino.
Taking into account that iOS devices represent 50% of mobile searches, the agreement is also extremely convenient for Google, however not to pay this license, other analysts say that this would remain the preferred option of users.
But to date, the license between the two companies is profitable enough to fall into conjecture. IOS users use Google without problems and the big G pays very well for it.

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