Saturday, August 12, 2017

Foxconn could be producing the LCD panels of the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus

The iPhone is copying all the covers of the technological world during the last months but we must not forget that if the latest information is correct, the people of Cupertino will present three models of iPhone in their next Keynote that is expected for the month of November.
The different rumors, leaks and models of the iPhone have managed to completely forget what will be the other models of iPhone that Apple will soon. So much so that many users do not know that Apple has prepared an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus to continue the line of what it has been doing forever and only the iPhone 8 model would be the great novelty of such presentation.
Iphone panel
It is precisely now when new data come from a well-known American media such as the Wall Street Journal, which ensures that we have new information on the possible production of one of the components for the people of the apple coming.
Specifically the medium in question ensures that Foxconn, known for manufacturing some of the components of the iPhone now has received a large capital injection with which would have wagered to produce panels for the next terminals of Californians .
IPhone 8 OLED screen
This way Apple would also be preparing the manufacture of the terminals of iPhone 7S and its Plus version as the news assures that they would be manufacturing LCD panels, a technology that would accompany these two terminals and not the iPhone 8 , since it has already been Talked enough this year that this will go with the new OLED technology for its panels.
With this we are waiting to see how Apple operates this duality of technologies in terms of the panels of its next terminals is concerned, and we will see if the general public prefers one or another technology or if the OLED panels are not yet in A point as mature as other panels on the market .

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