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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Foxconn to build a research and development center in Michigan

Our beloved apple carries the hand of an Asian country whose name is China since the beginning of the same, but it seems that they are increasingly distancing themselves from the one that is the first world power. The main reason why a brand like Apple has been working for so many years in the eastern country is due to the low cost and cheap labor that this region offers, but will not bid farewell to its manufacturer, Foxconn, rather Of Asia with them back to the United States to undertake a new adventure there.

Foxconn starts arriving in the United States

Following the definitive US election of the current president, Donald Trump clearly stated that large companies that carry out their duties outside the borders of the United States should start working within the same country in order to return to the time Gold in the United States economy. We have already seen on more than one occasion how Trump was talking to Apple to start making their iPhone and other products at home , but Tim Cook made it clear that these are not economic problems, but the level of requirements to work In a plant of these terminals was insufficient in the North American country .
Not too long ago we told you that Foxconn, the main responsible for manufacturing the apple smartphones, had decided to raise several plants throughout the American country , investing in this project a large amount that carries several billion Of dollars . It seems that the president's plan from the economic point of view is going well and we will soon see this data reflected in the country's industry.
Tim Cook visiting Foxconn in March this year
Today, Foxconn has announced that it will soon open in Michigan a plant destined mainly for the purpose of researching and developing new projects and products for Apple , reason why it is a good push for the country since the number of contracts will rise considerably and Unemployment will fall in this city as a factory of this size will need a lot of staff to become fully stocked. Relations between Foxconn and Donald Trump have not been able to unravel in a better way , even the current president published a tweet on the famous social network thanking the Asian firm for betting on the American country.

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