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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

France and Germany propose law for Apple to pay taxes in each European country

Apple's good times in Europe - on fiscal issues - may be nearing its end. According to an initiative of the new French president, Emmanuel Macron, who seeks to compete with those countries on the same continent, the technological giant will have to pay taxes on the profits received in France.
As shown in a report published by Bloomberg, Germany will also join this initiative and both countries will present proposals to address these "fiscal gaps" over the next month.

France and Germany want Apple to change the way they pay taxes in Europe

Currently, Apple and other technology companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook pay the real profits earned in each country of the Union in Ireland , due to the low taxes, in relation to the rest of Europe. If the new tax legislation is approved, all companies will have to pay each country for the profits received in their territory.
On the part of France, it is the French finance minister Bruno Le Maire, who has on several occasions declared to the local media the explicit purpose of this proposal:
Europe must defend its economic interests much more firmly. China does and the United States does. You can not take the profit you have made in France or in Europe and without paying the taxes that other companies, French or European companies, pay.
Specifically, the meeting to address this issue will be held between members of the European Union in Tallinn, Estonia in mid-September.
However, it is not the first time that the European Union goes after Apple. Just last month, a situation between Apple and the European Commission had its climax when the agency informed the company about its intention to penalize it for $ 13 billion, to pay less taxes than was appropriate in Ireland.
Faced with this situation Apple decided to take the dispute to court and wait for the final decision to be announced in 2018.

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