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Monday, August 14, 2017

Games that lower prices, only for today August 14.

Today Monday we have done the homework despite being at the doors of a holiday. We bring you a selection of a good handful of games that are payable but that today you can have on your iPhone or iPad with a good price reduction. So do not wait any longer and go for them .


Shadowmatic is a puzzle that defies the imagination , in which you turn abstract objects in the light of a focus to discover in the shadows that project silhouettes recognizable and related to the surrounding environment. The game combines stunning graphics with a relaxing and engaging development. On your journey to discover the solution, you will come across many unexpected and infinitely varied silhouettes. The game contains 12 rooms, each adorned with its own concept, atmosphere and music.


You are an unnamed skeleton of the Dark Lord's army. After finding the princess, who was kidnapped to become the wife of the Dark Lord, you release her. Take the princess in the shadows as a skeleton and change the hero when you have to attack. Try to get the princess out of the castle. Protect the princess from traps and enemies as you strike the balance between skeleton and hero shapes , each with special abilities. Try to guide the princess to the flower of the end of each level. If you do, the story will expand!


Pengy has a dream, dreams of traveling. Travel as do bragging birds with wings. Dream about exploring mysterious forests, burning volcanoes and a spectacular aurora. You are about to become the polar spirit to help Pengy realize his dream. We want you to literally touch the world on the other side. It will seem that your fingers "pierce" the screen when interacting with the game world. Draw ice with your finger to make Pengy slip and fly without falling into the snow. Do everything you can to keep Pengy in the air as long as possible to continue the journey. Intuitive gameplay easy to learn will be the basis of your meditative experience.

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