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Monday, August 14, 2017

HomePod may have limited inventory in the first few months of shipments

Everything indicates that the story will be repeated this year. According to new reports, Inventec Appliances, the same company that makes the Apple AirPods, and now the HomePod, will have limitations with the stock of this product, delaying shipments to all interested users.
During the presentation of the quarterly results of this company, its president, David Ho stated, something that raised the alarms regarding the availability of the HomePod, although did not make direct reference to it.
Finally we will send a smart device to the houses this year, but its manufacture will be quite limited and hopefully it will improve next year.

The HomePod might have the same AirPods problem

More accurately and according to information released by Arthur Liao, an analyst at Taipei Fubon Securities:
Inventec Appliances will probably only ship about 500,000 HomePod units this year, and the device's contribution to the group's revenue will be less than 1%.
So far, the first shipments of the HomePod will be made in the United States, so it is possible that the limitations will not be noticed as much as happened with the AirPods towards the end of last year. Although, everything will depend on the demand of the same.
But, by 2018 Apple already has another solution to solve the availability of HomePod. Next year, rival company Inventec Appliances, Foxconn, will also absorb half of the orders for this device, according to Nikkei .
The Siri-based HomePod speaker seems to have everything to become another apple company favorite, however its price - $ 349 - compared to other high-quality options , could dampen its consolidation in the market .

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