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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How to know which apps drain your iPhone battery

Nothing more annoying and frustrating than running out of battery mid-morning after a night of full charge. Has happened to you? I bet you do, and with it comes an explosion of anger added to a discharge of bad words to your harmless cell phone.
Surely the previous episode sounds familiar. What happens is that some applications that you have in your mobile can get out of control, even if they do not appear active, and eat the whole battery. Or you may have an application that is supposed to run in the background - some music application, for example - and you forget that you left running, exhausting the iPhone battery.
In any case, it is quite intelligent and productive to see how much battery your various applications use. To do this, you must open the configuration screen and this will inform you of the applications that have used a certain amount of battery and for how long, the last day or the week. It is a very practical screen.

Measures, compares and manages

If you want to see which applications consume the battery of your iPhone iOS11, go to "Settings", select the option "Battery" -> "shame-o-meter" and displays the list of recently used applications, sorted by battery quantity that they have used. You can view them according to the last 24 hours or the last seven days. Here you will know which application tops the list, perhaps one related to music, messages or photos.
Now, when suddenly an unexpected or somewhat strange application appears at the top of the list, it is reason to inquire why this is necessary and if it is necessary to remove it from the mobile.
Returning to the application display, the basic list shows you the percentage used by each application. The most advanced version, which is accessed by pressing the small clock icon, shows how many minutes the application spent on the screen and how many minutes are running in the background.

Background update

Keep in mind that some applications run in the background. It can happen with those that play music like Overcast, because it plays audio with the screen off or while you're doing something else with the iPhone. It also passes applications such as Twitter, Instagram and other RRSS.

Understand the percentages

A basic data that we must understand when viewing the list of applications is the percentage of consumption. Let's say your iPhone battery is at 95%. That is, it has only used 5% of its full load. If the shame-o-meter tells you that Twitter used 50 percent of your battery, you've only used half of that 5 percent. You have not used half of your entire battery charge.
If you often enter "Settings" -> "Battery" -> "Shame-o-meter" you can have more control over the consumption of your battery, you can track dishonest applications - running in the background - the way of how to save load.

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