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Sunday, August 27, 2017

How to make your iPhone fly with these tricks

We give so much use to our iPhone that the poor comes a moment that is asking for a break. It is normal, it accumulates temporary files and certain remains that make it go down quickly. Although it is an operating system completely adapted to the hardware , today we are going to give you some advice to make it go more fluid.

Perform a reboot

Most of the time, you can fix a slow iPhone simply by performing a reboot . This helps to solve any problems that your iPhone may have because of some small software problem or an application that is not fine.
Performing a reboot, but well done, is very easy and simple. Press and hold the Power and Start button for a couple of seconds until the iPhone reboots and the Apple logo appears . At this point, you can release the buttons and let the iPhone boot as usual. If you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you must hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons.

Enable Reduce Movement

iOS has many animations that could make your iPhone go slow. If you have an old iPhone, these animations could slow down your device . Luckily, Apple allows users to disable these animations, so it's best to turn it off.
Settings> General> Accessibility> Reduce Movement and disable it.

Clear app caches

Many applications will cache some files, such as pictures and videos, that are saved to be loaded quickly the next time you want to view them. This is a common practice in browsers like Safari or Google Chrome. Over time, cached data accumulates to take up a considerable amount of space < and can slow down your iPhone.
There is no button to clear the cache of all your applications. Instead, you have to go to the settings of each application and clear your cache. For Safari, you can clear the cached data by going to Settings> Safari, then tap Clear history and data .

Lighten updates in the background

iOS allows applications to continue running in the background and process data while using other applications. However, some applications may turn against you and cause performance issues. For example, the Facebook application consumes a lot of resources and runs quite a few processes in the background.
You can turn off background updates one by one, to follow the route:
Settings> General> Update in the background .
Here you can see the applications that can execute processes in the background. Turn off the ones you think are causing you performance issues.

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