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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How to record your iPhone screen with iOS 11 without external apps or Jailbreak

When we say that the next version of iOS will be one of the most innovative and loaded functions in history , we do not jokingly say. Today we bring a feature that will delight many, especially those who make reviews or tutorials for this device or want to teach something to someone.

Burn screen to iOS natively

That's right, with the new version of iOS we can record the screen without installing any application or use jailbreak . A delight indeed for those who play GamePlays for iOS games or system tutorials. You can also find a use that interests you more, although if you are reading this is that you already know that you want it . To use it we must activate it, something very simple since it is integrated in the control panel.

How to record screen in iOS 11?

To begin, we must include the "Record Screen" button on the control panel . By default, iOS does not include this button (it is assumed that it is not something that the average user will use). This function can only be activated from the control panel.
To activate this, we go to settings and look for the option called "Control Panel" . We touch this option and we go down until we find the option of "Record Screen", we give in the "+" that will have this option in front and will have already been added.
Now we simply have to go back to the Home screen of the phone and open the control panel. Press the record icon to start recording or stop recording . When recording, the icon will turn red and the top iOS bar will turn blue. The blue bar will also indicate the time that we have recorded and will serve to stop the recording quickly.
This new feature will undoubtedly be a wonder for anyone who is interested in recording the screen of your iPhone , in addition as you have seen, it is very easy to do and anyone can do it.

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