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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Huawei outperforms Apple in much of Europe

It is no secret that the firm of the apple does not reap its best results in European territory , since its main market is the American, where it occupies a large percentage of the market. However, Apple is a company that sells many iPhone , but not enough to slow the momentum that Huawei  has had in recent years.

Huawei positions ahead of Apple for sale of mobile phones in Central and Eastern Europe

If there is something that characterizes the European smartphone market is that Androidis the operating system par excellence. Perhaps it is due to the infinite possibility of personalization that the operating system of Google provides us, although personally I consider that its triumph in the European market is due to the fragmentation of both ranges and prices that exists.
A terminal Android we can find from 100 € up to 900 € , if we want an iPhone will have to pay at least the 400 € model SE.
If we focus on the European market, Samsung would lead the sales podium , followed by Huawei and, thirdly , Apple.
Huawei vs Apple
Huawei, Samsung and Apple sales
During the previous year, 2016 , Huawei was positioned above Apple although in the first fiscal quarter of 2017 Apple managed to consolidate the second position in the European market thanks, in large part, to the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus and the magnificent campaign Of marketing that the boys of Cupertino developed.
If we focus on the second quarter of this year 2017 , we see how Huawei has managed to overcome again the Californian company in European territory, more specifically in Central Europe and Eastern Europe , being only these two regions in which the small brand Huawei Is above Apple.
Huawei and Apple are closely followed by Xiaomi (quarters) and Lenovo (fifths) . The rest of the market is a piece of cake of 33% . Below we leave a table in which all these data are shown graphically.
Sales for Q2 of 2017
The situation in the international market is quite similar to that found in Europe: Huawei is behind the apple company only 3 million units in terms of sales .
This struggle to stay in second position maintained by Apple and Huawei could be decanted for one of the two manufacturers when their flagship iPhone 8 and Huawei Mate 10, respectively, are released.
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