Thursday, August 24, 2017

If you have an iPhone, you would not pay a thousand euros for a Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz is clear: with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Koreans are heading straight for a demanding public, with purchasing power and looking for the best in the market, we are a premium phone for a premium sector However, less than 20% of iPhone users would spend more than a thousand euros on a new device , whatever the brand. But obviously, if you have tried iOS, it is quite complicated that you return to Android and less for those amounts.
The report explains that although the Note 8 is not a revolutionary device, it represents the return of Samsung to the competition for the best terminal in the market, an anthological battle that traditionally has always played with more pain than glory with Apple .
Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is more an evolution than a revolution , it is a moral blow to the South Koreans who last year suffered a real debacle with their Note 7, something that considerably damaged their reputation but seem to have overcome. They have set the bar very high and now it is Apple's turn to fight with his iPhone 8, which is known possible date of submission .
But at Barclays they have doubts about Apple because, according to their survey, only 18% of potential iPhone buyers would spend more than a thousand euros on a new terminal, a figure lower than the sales they estimate in Cupertino not to give the bump. And in a Samsung yes? Well it seems that either.
But well, at the moment we do not know the real selling price of the iPhone 8, although everything points to the thousand euros. In addition, if Samsung have already set a precedent with its Note 8, it will now be less scandalous to raise the 4 figures for a terminal that will have as many or more innovations as Note 8 and also iOS inside. By the way, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not come updated with Android Oreo , Google's new operating system full of advantages.
If confirmed Barclays predictions, could be a sonic failure for both giants and the triumph of the mid-range, ie: OnePlus 5 on Android and the new models of Apple, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus , which barely innovate aesthetically but will count With iOS 11.
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