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Monday, August 7, 2017

Internal photos confirm wireless upload on iPhone 8

As the days and weeks pass, the leaks around the next iPhone increase through the network. This time, new X-ray images of the supposed iPhone 8 appear , where the wireless charging mechanism is observed.

X-Rays Could Confirm iPhone 8 Components

These X-ray photos have appeared through Weibo (a Chinese social network). The reason for these images could mean confirmation (if there was any doubt) that the company's upcoming iPhone will come with wireless charging .
Concept of iPhone with wireless charge.
Concept of iPhone with wireless charge.
As seen in the images, there is a kind of base (a large dark spot) in the center of each image, this could corroborate the rumor of this new charging function in Cupertino phones.

Why do we know that the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging?

The black spot on the alleged iPhone 8 that has appeared in Weibo, is quite similar to a scheme that had already been previously in April. According to the filtration at that time, the dark area could hold an inductive charge coil .
During the past month of February, the already reputed Chinese analyst Ming Chi Kuo , already predicted that the three new models of iPhone that will be presented this year would have support for the wireless load.
Photos filtered through Weibo
Photos filtered through Weibo
However, not everything could be as beautiful as it looks. Many analysts point out that the charging base that Apple will sell to users will not come along with the iPhone . You will need to purchase this product separately and the availability of this base may not be at the same time as the next iPhone.
Although the rumors have a lot to do with the images leaked today, it takes a lot of talk about the wireless load that could incorporate the iPhone in the not too distant future.

Other rumors that pointed to a possible wireless charge

Many important people like the CEO of the company of wireless technology of charge Powermat already had bet because the following models of iPhone incorporated a standard of wireless load.
In case there was still not enough evidence of wireless charging on the iPhone, Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium earlier this year . While it is true that Apple already uses this technology in the Apple Watch or the Smart Connector of the iPad Pro, everything indicates that this technology will reach the iPhone.
IPhone 8 charging wireless
IPhone 8 with possible wireless charge

In any case, soon we will see what Apple has planned for the next generation of their iPhone, remember that Apple usually unveils and introduce devices next September. A month where Apple could introduce (but not sell) the next iPhone tenth. A more expensive iPhone but with new technologies such as wireless charging, facial sensor or a new design with screen for almost the entire front of the device. If you want to see more about these images do not forget to visit Weibo and draw your own conclusions.

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