Thursday, August 3, 2017

IOS 11 will bring us SmartCam, a system to change camera settings according to the scene you want to shoot

The version of iOS 11.0.2 that was erroneously published a few days ago on a server available to everyone and that is giving us so much detail on the future iPhone 8 and other news of iOS 11 yet unannounced , brings us another improvement today than So far we had not heard anything, and that has to do with the Camera App.
In iOS 11, you can change the settings of the camera depending on the scene you want to shoot , in real time. This system could call you SmartCamera . For example, if you aim at a pet, an image recognition system will detect that it is an animal and will change the exposure settings of the camera to make a good shot of a fast subject. That is, it will increase the ISO sensitivity and lower the F number as much as possible to make the photo not blurry. We have all tried to take a photo of a dog or cat and find that most of the photos have been moved. A pet usually does not stay still and it is difficult to make a good photo, and based on that, This new image recognition system would allow you to change the exposure settings so that the photos are not moved. Many modern cameras nowadays have similar operating systems, although we do not know how much Apple's will operate in the same way.
SmartCam signs on iOS 11
Thus, the Camera App will take into account a series of parameters obtained from the image recognition system that can be configured to choose the best settings for each situation. Today, this image recognition system is running on iOS 10 within the Photo App ; It is possible to search for example by dog and the system of analysis of image will show us photos of dogs that we have in our reel. It is quite spectacular, and although it is not perfect, it can be said to work very well.
What iOS 11.0.2 now shows, in terms of APIs in its configuration files, is that a system similar to this would work in the Camera App too, but more quickly, as we point to one or another reason.
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