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Thursday, August 17, 2017

IOS 11 will disable Touch ID to protect your privacy in case of an emergency

Yesterday we were talking about privacy laws , and Apple has partnered with other technology companies to prevent authorities from accessing your private data without a court order . Today, interestingly, it has been discovered that iOS 11 will have a new function related to user data protection ...
Apparently, Apple has introduced a secret feature that allows users to intentionally turn off the Touch ID feature to avoid problems in an emergency. For example, if a police officer forces you to unlock your iPhone ... or if a thief wants to steal your terminal.
IOS 11 has a lot of new features for iPhone and iPad. Some news that are specially designed to make our life a little more comfortable. Since iPadizate we have analyzed in depth all the new features of iOS 11, but this secret function has certainly seemed to us one of the best **.

How will Touch ID deactivation work on iOS 11?

To temporarily deactivate the Touch ID function on iOS 11, you have to press the on / off button five times in a row .
This action will activate SOS emergency calls , something we have known for some time. But it also prevents the iPhone from being able to be unlocked using the fingerprint sensor with Touch ID .
In the tweet, we can read an English text that indicates that "iOS 11 will change the rules of the game for Touch ID. Press the on / off button 5 times quickly and open the second screen, but also force the unlock with password! ".
That is, the iPhone can not be unlocked with the Touch ID functionality if you have activated the emergency call, but in theory it will with the password. What do you think of this feature?

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