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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

IPhone 8 will turn off notifications if you're watching the screen

This is quite annoying and uncomfortable. You are looking at the screen of your iPhone (or your iPad) and you see how the notifications accumulate reproducing its classic sound. Of course, in the end you end up activating Do Not Disturb mode ...
But with the arrival of iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone Pro ...) this could change. It has recently been discovered that the 10th Anniversary iPhone will automatically disable the sound of notifications if a user is watching the screen.
The Apple iPhone 8 will have a built-in 3D sensor next to the FaceTime camera that could feature augmented reality and / or facial recognition features . In fact, it may replace the Touch ID feature. Be that as it may, thanks to this 3D sensor the terminal will be able to detect if you are looking at the OLED screen and will deactivate the sound of notifications.

The 3D sensors of the iPhone 8 will give a lot of play

This new functionality has been discovered thanks to the HomePod firmware , and its internal code has already revealed more than one secret over the last few weeks. It was recently revealed that the iPhone 8 would have a smart camera and a Face ID feature .
And now, Guilherme Rambo has found some codes regarding "TLAttentionAwarenessObserver" that indicate that the iPhone 8 will use facial recognition to turn off the sound of notifications automatically.
The performance works in a really simple way. The iPhone detects the user's face through the 3D sensors next to the camera, sends the warning to the system settings configuration, and finally the software disables the sounds of the notifications.
If this new functionality comes with the iPhone 8, the most reasonable is that users have the ability to activate and deactivate it from the iOS Settings app 11 . Probably from the Photos and Camera section.

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