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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Is iPhone 8 success assured today?

After long months of leaks and rumors, the next renewal of the Californian flagship is coming to its launch date . It should be remembered that the new model would be presented during the next months of October and November , being this one of the usual dates chosen by the company to launch its new devices.
To this day, there are still many unknowns to solve on this terminal. First, the OLED display and the wireless charge would be two safe incorporations, while the launch of a possible white model and the location of the fingerprint are two big doubts.
According to analysts, this terminal would achieve great sales . This fact, would explain the small recession that has been dragging the American company during the last months regarding the sales of the iPhone. Apparently, many customers would be waiting for the official presentation of the terminal to acquire it .

A good bet from Apple?

At first glance, aspects such as wireless charging or dual vertical display are attractive to the consumer . In addition, its design with reduction of edges would be a crucial aspect to capture the attention of the technology market.
Also, the iPhone could benefit from the lack of success that has not achieved the Samsung Galaxy S8. And is that every day, more users who prefer to opt for Chinese terminals much cheaper. In this way, the consumer can renew his mobile device more frequently.
Unlike the iPhone, buying this terminal entails another thought. And is that when buying an iPhone we are acquiring a terminal that will offer us a good feeling of user for a long time . Reason why customers who usually buy an iPhone, have a hard time returning to the world of Android.
The size of the iPhone 8 would be intermediate between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus
In short, I think the iPhone 8 has a very good stage to achieve its objectives , and is that the big stars of direct competition have failed to succeed as expected. Will this be the year of the iPhone again?

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