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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Learn how to delete Portrait Mode from a photo, with iOS 11

If for some reason the camera of the iPhone 7 was highlighted, it was for the incorporation of "Portrait Mode," an effect that was previously reserved for SLR cameras and allows to highlight a central point in the image, blurring everything else.
Like any novelty, who own this device we wanted to test the effect on our images, however, it is also likely that after having done so we think that the photo would have been better without it. In this sense, it is also likely to reverse it.

Remove blur on a picture taken in Portrait Mode

To change an image to which we have already added the defocused effect, done in Portrait Mode, the new iOS 11 brings a solution. The latest operating system from Apple has introduced the format HEIF for your photos, a feature that saves up to 50% of the size of a file and save several versions of the same image.
To return to the image without Portrait Mode, we have that iOS 11 offers a very simple configuration. To execute it we must only follow the following steps.
Taking into account that the HEIF format stores several shots of the same image, it gives us the possibility to choose with any option we have, without needing to retake the shot.
  • Choose an image made in Portrait Mode.
  • Tap Edit.
  • Choose the option located at the top and click on the DEPTH yellow button.
  • Tap OK to save the changes.
In this way, we will be indicating which option is our favorite. This same setting also works to achieve the reverse effect, that is, apply the Portrait Mode to those photographs that do not have it.
We can not deny that iOS 11 has thought of several details, always useful, to personalize our imagesand give them the exact touch according to our style.

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