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Monday, August 14, 2017

Mass production of the iPhone 8 A11 chip has already begun

If a couple of hours ago we talked about the leak of a video where we saw the employees of a manufacturing facility working on the mass production of the iPhone 8 , now it is talking about the production of its processor.
And it seems that TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has already begun mass production of the A11 chip of the iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone Pro ...).
A couple of months ago we discovered that TSMC was already finishing developing its 10 nanometer technology , it is now ready, and there is no time to lose to mass produce the component and incorporate it into the new terminals.

The A11 chip will be the most advanced processor in the history of the iPhone

TSMC has managed to apply a new manufacturing process on the A11 chip for Apple. For this, they have used a technique FinFET 10 nano-meters which was already used for A10X processors cases Pro 10.5 inch and cases Pro 12.9 inches the company apple bite recently introduced.
In fact, it is said that processors with the A10X chip have been the first hardware components to use this 10 nanometer process , even though TSMC has other customers. This technique allows manufacturing companies to manufacture much smaller, more powerful components to make room for other components.
The A10 chip of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus has a design of 16 nanometers. The 10 nanometer process has improved its efficiency and performance .
The iPhone 8 will be introduced next September . At least, that indicates the rumors. But we know that Apple has had many complications due to problems with the implementation of certain components and delays in ordering. Even so, we believe iPhone special edition sales will start in November.

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