Tuesday, August 1, 2017

More confirmed iPhone 8 details: No Touch ID, split status bar and Tap to wake

The Apple HomePod is proving much more prolific and reliable in leaks than any manufacturer of the chain of components of the iPhone 8. And it has not yet come out and we know thanks to its firmware that will incorporate a reliable facial recognition that would allow the recognition Of the face even partially hidden . But there are more.
Another of the conclusions that can be deduced from the code is that there will be no integrated Touch ID on the screen and , moreover , it is believed that there will not even be a Touch ID on the device . Of course, if there is a facial recognition as powerful and reliable as it seems, Apple will not have considered it necessary and will have looked forward to something more innovative.
As we already know, the screen of the iPhone 8 will have no borders, except a small frame at the top where the camera will integrate for face recognition and its sensors. Apparently, there would also be a novelty that we did not expect: a divisible status bar, so that the user can alter it according to their needs of use . Status bar includes information such as connection strength, battery level, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and time, which with the iPhone 8 can be seen in different parts of the screen.
Another new feature that we can now confirm almost certainly is the implementation of something adopted from Apple Watch, it is Tap to wake , which in Apple's smartwatch is that function that illuminates the screen when we raise the arm of the clock. Well, on the iPhone 8 the screen would light up with a double tap and it would come to replace something we did earlier as it was pressing the Home button.
By the way, we will no longer have a Home button as such, but it will be called "Home indicator" , a button that will not be physical but will be transformed into a zone of functions that will integrate several controls and this can be hidden for activities that require the Full screen such as videos.
Also, we know that ARKit and Photos will adopt a new functionality that will use the front camera to measure depth, something called "ARFaceAnchor."
And how do you know all this? Because the HomePod that will see the light in 2018 already has an iOS version adapted for the next Apple flagship, specifically iOS 11.0.2, a future update that will come after iOS 11 and the introduction of new phones in September.
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