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Friday, August 4, 2017

More details on the performance of Apple and Cochlear hearing aids

Apple's efforts to enhance the accessibility of its products are well-known and the result of a new technology developed in partnership with the manufacturer of hearing aids Cochlear has confirmed more of the advances of the Cupertino in this area.
This time, the challenge has focused on offering a direct headset connection to the iPhone and thus "put voices in the heads of users," according to Wired media In addition, these are the earliest hearing aids approved by the FDA, the health care organization in the United States, as a solution that provides a link between cochlear implants and phones or tablets.

Apple and Cochlear team up to create a hearing aid compatible with the iPhone

According to the publication, the technology developed between Apple and Cochlear will allow hearing impaired users to receive signals from their phones, to Bluetooth headsets, which emit audio to the brain:
All through cochlear implants that avoid the usual process of hearing, by embedding a device in the inner ear and connecting it by electrodes to the auditory nerves.
In this way the implants receive sound from an external microphone, while the sound processor is placed behind the ear. This connection means that users can get music, podcasts and other digital sounds directly inside the skull. There is also a feature developed by Apple called Live Listen which allows users to have their iPhone act like a microphone.
Sarah Herrlinger, director of global accessibility policy at Apple, spoke about the company's efforts in this area:
Although our devices have been built to support hearing aids for years, we found that the experience of people trying to make a phone call was not always good ... Our goal was to get rid of all those extra things that need batteries and can get in the way, for So when a phone call arrives, simply press the button to respond and that sound flows to your hearing aid.
In addition to the advantages of these devices, it is a computer that does not require the download of any application to work on iOS devices, but emits the audio directly.

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