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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

More free apps to have a good day with your iPhone or iPad

Everyone loves to receive gifts to start the day well. We also want to bring some, and we present some limited offers perfect to renew your library of apps. We have a third-party browser, a video editor, and a music alarm clock. So, if you are interested in downloading free stuff, stay here because you will like it.

Oxygen Offline Browser

The Safari browser is fine, but sometimes it's okay to change air and try other third-party browsers. Oxygen Browser allows you to save our favorite pages to access them when we do not have a connection. You will not have to worry about saving them again periodically, because the app will automatically update the files.


If you're the one who needs a new alarm every day, you might like Wakee. This app allows you to create a periodic alarm that changes music every time it is activated. Choose from 15 different genres, and if you like the song, you can access the different download services to listen to it again.

Password Safe

If you need to have your passwords under control, here is a little help. It may not have the perfect interface, but it will keep all your important documents encrypted and protected against undesirables.


If you feel creative, and you want your texts to come to life, use Legend. This application will help you to make all the phrases you want to share in your social networks stand out from all the others. Simply write a text, choose an effect for it, and give some colorto the background.


You may have a clicker rolling around the house, if so, you may like this app. With GoodCounter you can count everything you need without having to look at the screen when you do.

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