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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

More than 400 VPN applications removed from the App Store due to laws in China

An American firm such as our beloved apple bite is based in Cupertino, Southern California, but where the important thing happens is thousands and thousands of miles away from the current large central Apple . The Apple Park is just the tip of the iceberg because it is still in maintenance and is even having effects on the homes around it in some cases increasing to the selling price of these , a clear example is a mansion of the From $ 750,000 to a million and a half in just 6 months.

China again causes Apple problems

There is no doubt that the Apple Park is impressive and at the same time a building that defies the laws of architecture today , but the news that we come to tell you today has nothing to do with the United States, rather with Asia, because As we know, the Cupertino company has been eliminating a long list of applications from the App Store around the world only and exclusively to not inflict any laws in China , a country that has gone hand in hand for many years, Of course it is due to the manufacture of its iPhone terminals, which will have its new model at our disposal for September as had been agreed, although this will come in limited units so you will have to hurry.
All the apps that have removed our beloved apple bite have something in common: the use of VPN . This cleaned up against the App Store is based on the laws in China being in this way a very intelligent step by Apple since with the problems they have had with brands and manufacturers of this country in particular we can say that it is better Not get into more legal battles.
It is true that many developers of these apps have nothing to do with China and its laws, but in one way or another have been affected by this sweep that has made the company Cupertino against these tools which had an audience Which has also led Apple ahead, but have preferred to go the safe way rather than get into another garden as we just mentioned.

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