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Saturday, August 12, 2017

New apps and free games to download only today

We return to the load with a good handful of applications and games that are normally paid but that today you can have on your iPhone or iPad all over the pin, that is, totally free. So do not wait any longer and go for them .

Force Cop

An unwanted guest from a cold and dark corner of the universe ... An exotic substance alien is approaching our cities. It can not be destroyed and consumes everything in its path, multiplying itself more and more. A gray nightmare of viscous substance from the coldest and distant corner of the universe. Only you can protect our cities .

Chain Breaker

It's time to break the chains! Have you always dreamed of breaking the chains and getting absolute freedom? You can do it right now! Welcome to a distant realm. The evil wizard has stolen the magic. Help the knight rescue her. Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, fight enemies and many more.

Orasis HD

On the basis of a decade of research, Orasis HD uses an image processing algorithm: it achieves that in a photo with poor exposure (bright and dark parts) are even and level. Essential for editing your summer photos .


Using Frugi, you can simply manage all your payments and income. Frugi is designed in an intuitive way that will allow you to manage your budget without instructions. In three seconds, you can enter an operation and all calculations will be performed automatically. It should be noted that you would need a considerably longer amount of time to write everything down on paper, even if you do not do any calculations. Tomorrow will have a price of 6 euros .


It is an easy-to-use calendar application that gives you a new way to discover a lot of interesting things about today.
Calendarium combines the calendar of historical events with times of sunrise and sunset, week number, day, duration of sunlight, moon phases and much more.

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