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Monday, August 7, 2017

New render of iPhone 8 with Touch ID on the back

On Saturday Benjamin Geskin showed us in his Twitter account a new model of the iPhone 8. Geskin already has us accustomed to this type of tweets in which he shows us different models of the device that those of Cupertino will present this year, in fact in NewCydiaTweaks we have echoed some of them; But if something is characterized by this particular render, which comes shortly after an oversight from Apple showed us a possible design , it is because of the poor reception that has had among the followers of Geskin, and we wanted to see why and do Our personal valuation.

An iPhone 8 with Touch ID on the back? No Please

One of the first features in which you look at the photograph of Geskin is the completely new design of this iPhone 8 render. Although as worth more a picture than a thousand words, here we leave what the user himself shared with his Followers:
Ver imagen en TwitterVer imagen en Twitter
Benjamin Geskin @VenyaGeskin1
I hate getting these.. But I think it's interesting for you to see.

Read what the source told me in the second picture.
In the first image we can see a terminal with frames both at the top and bottom of the screen. In addition, we did not find the Touch ID anywhere, which could be interpreted as being integrated on the screen or in the back, and Geskin himself was in charge of confirming our bad omens in another tweet published two hours ago. The photo of these terminals is accompanied by what the person who sent it explained to Benjamin himself: the source is a worker from a shipping company who says that he works with boxes containing this device and that mass production of Same would have started just a few weeks ago.
As I said in the previous paragraph, today Geskin confirmed that this model included the Touch ID on the back of the terminal, but not included in the Apple logo itself, but it has a space under the rear apple.
Benjamin Geskin @VenyaGeskin1
En respuesta a @VenyaGeskin1
More photos of this alleged iPhone model - 
Benjamin Geskin @VenyaGeskin1 …
Ver imagen en Twitter
That they come inside a box of Foxconn could give us information about the veracity of this rumor or on the contrary put us more in the doubt of if it is something false. The truth is that after seeing this model of the iPhone 8, the followers of Benjamin Geskin have shown their discontent saying that it is a rather ugly terminal and with a design that does not follow the Apple line. Moreover, Geskin himself says he hopes it is not real and that Apple does not launch a device of these characteristics.
Whether or not what the shipping company worker has assured Geskin, for me it is a terminal that would not meet the expectations of iPhone users by including the Touch ID on the back of the device. In addition, the design of the front would leave a lot to be desired in terms of the long-awaited absence of frames that were spoken for the iPhone 8.
Identical iPhone 8 model that Geskin had shown us in June.
Identical iPhone 8 model that Geskin had shown us in June.
And you, what do you think of this iPhone 8 design? Do you think it will be real or just a rumor that will not come to fruition?

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