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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pictures of the television on which Apple would be working

A few minutes ago I was surfing on Twitter and I found a tweet by the famous Benjamin Geskin in which shows some photos uploaded to the Chinese social network Weibo . In them you can appreciate what looks like an OLED panel of about 60 inches in a kind of test room. Apple TV in sight?
The images do not know very well where they are made, and their quality also leaves to be desired so we should give a fair credibility to them.

They are only some images but it could be Apple TV

There were few rumors that ran a little over a year that claimed that Apple would be working on their own television . These disappeared with the passage of time and were forgotten, but after these images could be revived.
Apple over the past year is struggling to incorporate various channels into its TV app (which is currently only in the US), and as we all know, continues to strive to incorporate more channels and services within its application.

Could this hypothetical television be the icing on the cake? Time will tell, since I doubt very much that this will see light in the near future. But what do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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