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Monday, August 14, 2017

Several media criticize the premiere of Carpool Karaoke in Apple Music

Earlier this week, Apple Music debuted the first chapter of its new Carpool Karaoke series For what you still do not know that is Carpool Karaoke we make a brief summary in the following paragraphs.
This new Apple series seeks to unite 3 areas: Music, the program based on "The Late Late Show" and, of course, Apple Music . In this first chapter, James Corden acts as presenter in an interview with celebrities with the peculiarity that the "set" where it is recorded is a car. All the participants travel by car while having a conversation always about some theme linked with the music. Apple's intention is to bring together two familiar faces, not always related to music, so that in the course of the program they sing and drive with their favorite playlists.
As it turned out, in this first season is expected to have the participation of: Will Smith with James Corden, Miley, Noah, Billy Ray and the whole Cyrus family; Shakira and Trevor Noah; Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams; Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith; John Legend, Alicia Keys and Taraji P. Henson; LeBron James and James Corden ....

But what has been the reaction to the first chapter of Carpool Karaoke?

As is the case, there are opinions for all tastes and starting from the fact that the strength of Apple Music is not "television" (although this program is not broadcast on television) has received some criticism by the media of great prestige , As is the case of The Guardian. On the other hand, Eddy Cue, has flattered the release of this series, showing a positive assessment in this regard.
Carpool Karaoke, the new series to be released on August 8 in Apple Music.
Carpool Karaoke, the new series to be released on August 8 in Apple Music.
The Guardian literally expressed the following phrase: "Carpool Karaoke, discreet ideas supported by celebrities" . As explained this newspaper have not seen in this program a future project in this first installment of Carpool Karaoke.
Despite this somewhat uncertain criticism, given the little margin they have given to be able to comment on the success or failure of the program when only takes an episode , Apple Music and, in general, Apple trust that this new stage in which Has become involved as the episodes progress.
The Guardian, criticized the first episode but as we said, not everything looks the same for everyone, Eddy Cue , Apple's vice president of software and Internet services, praised the connection between Apple Music and the program , to which he added The need not to explain the program's meaning to the audience: "It's the perfect fit for your connection between music and pop culture."
Accompanying the media The Guardian, Variety also showed his criticism of the show, textually saying that it is "another series without script about famous people with different degrees of talent, partly choreographed."


As we are accustomed to seeing in everything that encompasses the big companies, the criticism is the order of the day and will always be in the opinion of the media. Despite this, Apple will continue its journey in this program with a new episode that will take place tomorrow at Apple Music.

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