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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Siri and The Rock together again

In case we were not clear, Apple had the great idea to show us how Siri - the virtual assistant created by the company - could be useful to an action hero in his day to day, in the short film released last month and starring Dwayne Johnson, whom we all prefer to call The Rock.
This Thursday, Apple returns to show the result of joining this entertaining duo and has published several ads in his YouTube account, which highlights specific scenes of the first short and therefore emphasizes more in each function performed by Siri.

Apple and Siri dominate the world

In the short film starring Siri and The Rock titled "iPhone 7 - The Rock vs. Siri Dominate the Day" , Apple's virtual assistant does seven things to help The Rock in their daily work, read the temperature and ask for a taxi. However, in this first series highlights the moments when The Rock asks Siri to read his agenda, help him cook and even take a peculiar selfie.
  • A selfie, but not any selfie: Because it is The Rock, it is expected to ask for a photo and also that this is not any photo. In the scene, the actor asks Siri to do a selfie while he poses on the International Space Station in full space and with the Earth in the background.

  • Reminders: The Rock also asks Siri to make a reminder of the activities for the rest of the day and for an action star this is quite peculiar, as you will see in the video below:

  • Siri attends the kitchen: The third video also shows that Dwayne Johnson also prefers to prepare her own meals, but needs some help. For this, he goes to the kitchen of a French chef and asks Siri to activate the counter to prepare his recipe.

Although Apple's development of Siri has been slow, compared to what other attendees offer, everything seems to indicate that this year the company will take full care of this issue, especially with the early arrival of the HomePod, so no There is still much to begin to measure the leader of this segment, among many options.

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