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Monday, August 14, 2017

So you can ask Siri to send money to your friends

Did you know that you can use the services of the Apple Voice Assistant to send money to your friends and family? Siri is able to do so thanks to applications such as PayPal.
For example, let's say your child needs money to get a taxi back home, sends you a message, and in a matter of minutes you have already sent € 15.
In addition, this trick will serve to avoid having to open the PayPal application and follow the usual procedure . You'll just have to ask Siri, period.
Obviously, the configuration to send money requires a series of steps ...

Choose an application to send and receive money

There are many mobile apps on the App Store that allow you to send and receive money. Unfortunately, in our country, not all are available, and not all are compatible with SiriFortunately, with the arrival of iOS 11 in September, Apple Pay will also allow you to send and receive money.
Have you found a new app capable of performing this function with Siri? Indicate it in the comments!

Allow access to your contacts

You will need to accept the permissions for the application to access your contacts:
1. Open the PayPal application (or CaixaBank).
2. Go to the configuration section.
3. Enable permission to access contacts.
In addition, you will also have to configure the bank account of the contacts that you have saved in the agenda from the PayPal application itself. In this way, Siri will be able to recognize each of your friends and family to send money through voice commands.

Configure Siri

Obviously, you will also need to enable PayPal access in the Apple Virtual Voice Assistant. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Open Settings.
2. Access the "Siri" section.
3. Enter "Application Compatibility".
4. Enable the "PayPal" option.
From now on you will have the possibility to ask Siri to send money to your friends and relatives. To do this, simply use the voice command "Send € 20 to Paco". Siri will ask you what you want the note to say, you can answer "Money for pizzas", for example ... As simple as that!

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