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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Some workers prefer old Apple offices

We all know the new headquarters of the most valuable company within the United States , this particular fact is giving so much to talk about lately because Apple is very likely to become the first North American brand to reach a value of one trillion Of dollars , but not a billion as we usually see in your country, but a million million as we would say here in Spain. It seems that the big bite apple does not stop growing and we hope that the push that the company needs is the output of the iPhone 8, which will be the most expensive smartphone in history, thus exceeding $ 1,000.

Apple Park: A Dream Come True

Every king must have his castle, and Apple as the undisputed leader of the electronics sector worldwide has it, what's more, even if you do not know his name is really likely to have seen on more than one occasion a photo of the building in question in works Yeah, we're referring to Apple Park. When they introduced the project years ago everyone took them for a crazy , but nothing far from reality, so Tim Cook and his team began to sign checks and put to work the construction of it.
Even today we can witness the evolution that this building eventually experiences , this can be seen thanks to videos of drones which are already prohibited by the same California firm which has a system that detects one of these flying machines Automatically calls the police and in case this fails have a safe with the sole and exclusive purpose of driving the pilots of the drones outside the area owned by Apple.
Apple park satelite
Having seen it both in photos and videos, we all ask ourselves a question: who would not like to work there? It seems that today has given an answer since Apple employees have said they prefer the old offices because of the privacy they offered before the new headquarters in Cupertino which is more exposed to the outside. It should also be said that not everyone thinks this way, however, workers are already starting to move to the new Apple Park to start work as soon as possible.

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