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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

StarCraft Now Available for MacOS

Throughout history, apple computers have been famous for anything but their hardware, something that has been clearly offset by their software, macOS, which has been without doubt the best operating system in terms of optimization to Throughout the history of electronics. An iMac or MacBook could not be on a par with a high-end gaming team until recently, as it was in the WWDC 2017 when Apple unveiled its new updated series of both laptops and desktops , including a really important improvement in As far as power is concerned as these include the new Intel seventh generation processors, also known as Kaby Lake.

Welcome to Mac, StarCraft

A few months ago we told you the wonderful news that StarCraft, the original, would be back with a remastering in 4K , something that the new screen of Mac computers can make a very good use, for the operating system of the Apple and for August this year, because it is here. The wait that so many players around the world longed to finish has come to an end, we can now buy this modernized relic for $ 14.99 from the platform of Blizzard , its creator.
Of course StarCraft was a game that changed the lives of many and conditioned others to a more game-oriented environment. At first it was believed that all this was going to be a lie and that it would remain only a probability given that both parties were not going to receive enough benefit from this project, but in the end Mac arrived one of the most pioneering and beloved games of All times , one of the first steps that Blizzard gave almost two decades since its official launch was in 1998.
If you are a Mac user and you want to be able to relive all those good moments in this game do not wait any longer and buy it for $ 14.99 in the BattleNet client . We are very pleased that Apple makes this kind of collaboration with other big companies, especially since most of them end up being a resounding success, we just have to look at the Nike shoes that are linked to the Apple Watch.

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