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Monday, August 7, 2017

Take advantage of the offer and download these apps for free

Today is Monday and if you do not have a vacation, you are probably on your way to work, or even have landed in your office. We know that you are sleepy and that they are back 5 days ahead, so to keep you waiting, we bring you the good news: grab your iPhone and enjoy these free apps for a limited time in the App Store.
As always, we do not know when this offer will expire, so download them as soon as possible , otherwise for when you want to realize they will be paid again. Remember that if you do not want to spend your data, you can always start the download and pause it so that when you have Wi-Fi, you finish installing them, so you save megas.

Formulas - Photo Lab Effects and Custom Frames

Nominated for the best app of 2015 by the App Store , this app offers dozens of effects for our photos, from the most basic color to authentic wonders that will turn our images into retro, textured or with pictorial styles. Scientific precision and professional finishes.

One Tomato-Time management tool

This simple and intuitive looking app is based on the efficient Pomodoro method that will allow us to organize the time to get better results in our work and vital goals. Minimalist design.

Block vs Block

If you are a puzzler , Block vs Block will take you to another dimension. It is so intuitive that it does not require explanations, just enjoy and face the machine or other players. More than 16 figures and 4 backgrounds. Easy to control, very graphic and above all, very funny.

Distressed FX

Making art with your photos has never been so easy . With Distressed FX, simply take a photo and choose from its wide range of textured images and layers. Even your most mediocre picture will look great with this app. Do not forget to try it, because behind its simplicity hides a very powerful tool.

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