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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Apple Watch Series 3 could recognize new exercises according to the beta of iOS 11

It seems that September will be a month with great news for Apple . In addition to the new generation of iPhone, it seems that the current Apple Watch will have a successor , and apparently will be more functional.

The Apple Watch series 3, just around the corner

According to rumors and leaks in recent weeks, the new Apple watch will have 4G connectivity to make it more independent of our iPhone . But it will also incorporate a new series of sensors that will allow to detect a greater variety of sports.

code of the new Apple Watch

Information from the new Apple Watch within the iOS 11 code

As it has happened in previous occasions, within the code that includes iOS 11 there are interesting clues that give us some characteristics of the devices that Apple is working on. 
So thanks to some curious developers, some clues have been found regarding the new Apple Watch. It is a series of icons that show different physical activities that could be detected by the new Apple watch.
While the current Apple clock detects the type of activity we are doing to be able to quantify the same in a more precise way, these new icons show new activities such as:
  • Surfing
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Dance
  • Bowling
  • Different disciplines of snow
  • Various types of fights
These new sports add to those detected by the current generation of the Apple watch:
  • Outdoor walk
  • Inner Walk
  • Outdoor race
  • Internal Career
  • Outdoor bicycles
  • Internal Career
  • Elliptical
  • Rowing
  • Climbing stairs
  • HIIT Training
  • Swimming in Swimming Pool
  • Swim in Open Water
new sports for the Apple Watch

New sports that would automatically detect the Apple Watch Series 3

While some of these new sports could be detected thanks to the new watchOS operating system , it is true that others will require new hardware. WatchOS 4
betas do not include new sports for the current Apple Watch, so the arrival of a new Apple watch is considered as a strong possibility.
A few years ago the market was filled with smart watches and quantitative bracelets, but after a while Apple, Xiaomi and some other manufacturer are still betting on these devices. And the arrival of a new watch from Apple, after 1 year of the launch of the series 2, undoubtedly will be very well received by lovers of physical activity and Apple users. 
While there are no official dates for the launch of this new generation of Apple Watch, strong rumors say that the date chosen by Apple would be on September 12 , where we hope to meet the new generation of iPhone, a new Apple TV and the Apple Watch Series 3 .

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